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The Program is designed with the objective of turning out world class managers capable of addressing any challenges in today’s globalize rapidly changing business environment. The curriculum is comparable to the best in the field of management education with an added emphasis on value education, personality development and soft skills enabling out students to become perfect match for the corporate sector.The course has a generalist core with specializations in Marketing, Finance, Human Resources. Operations and International Business.During the course of two years the students have to take up summer training programs and research based project assignments stretching over a period of 45 days. During there programs the students are attached to various reputed organizations where they will be exposed to A to Z of the functional aspects of management.

During the MBA Program every student is permitted to go on Industrial Visits. The Industrial Visit is an integral part of Management Program to enrich them to get a holistic knowledge about trade and industry in real time. This industrial Visits facilitate the students to interact with executives of the Corporate to get practical input to widen their knowledge base.The students are allowed to choose a full trimester (Major) project during sixth trimester .Learning from experiences is a key aspect in a manager’s life. And for this Karunya has incorporated a final project in the curriculum whereby the students are given an opportunity to extract and improve upon their skills. This gives the student a deeper understanding of the business world and practices.With students hailing from nearly 22 states of our motherland, as well as international students and interns from different parts of Europe, North America, South America, Africa and Asia, Karunya is as diverse as it gets

Karunya provides a platform for these students to come together to learn and grow. When people with such varied thinking come together, the potential for innovation never ceases to surprise. From working on projects together to dining together, students in this fully-residential University live together as one big family.It’s not only International students who come and stay with us. Our students too are given the opportunity to go and study and intern at renowned Universities in various locations around the world as a part of the IAESTE programme.So, socialize, pick up a new language, understand different cultures, learn together, innovate together – you do not want to miss this!


Karunya School of Business, Leadership and Management

Karunya University

Coimbatore -641 114

Tamil Nadu, India.

Phone: 0422 2614 301 / 2614 461

Website: www.karunya.edu

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